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At 4Dsensing we have a professional team with several decades of combined experience in the industry.

We operate in a variety of fields with our current focus on the development of IoT devices,

custom firmware, hardware development, and industrial systems support.

This experience has taught us what customers need to protect their assets.

We are a design team of passionate experts in the fields of mechanics, electronics, computer technology and programming to offer you the best products for your assets-protection needs.

We are just as passionate about our clients as about our products and will always care for you and your product.

Our brand – 4Dsensing - says it all:
“4D” represents space and time (anywhere/anytime) and

"sensing" refers to our devices doing the monitoring and the sensing for you.  


We design devices that
•    give you peace of mind that your assets are continuously monitored, and
•    enable you to check the monitored status wherever you are in the world and take preventive steps if needed.


Our professional team developed our first very successful predictive device, Impluvium, dedicated to the homeowners in need of protecting their basements from flooding caused by a sump pump malfunction. 

Our Impluvium developers have taken into consideration the detailed information certain corporate users need but have still provided a straightforward user interface that makes it suitable for homeowner users as well.


We take care of comprehensive details: from the impressive design to the powerful custom hardware and the intuitive app. 


To our customers, and any future customer:


Thank you!

for the trust you have placed in us

4Dsensing, INC is a proudly Canadian Internet of Things Device Manufacturer

and industrial service providing company based in Ontario

Email us any question we'll gladly to provide an answer
Contact us at or submit the form

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