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Do you know how often your sump pump runs?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Many homeowners pay little or no attention to their sump pumps, under the assumption that they only run once in a while. Some even assume that the sump pump never actually runs and is only there because it is a building regulation. Unfortunately, these homeowners only realize the importance of the sump pump after a basement flooding.

The beta testers of the Impluvium device realized how often their sump pumps actually run in a day, in contrast to their previous assumptions. With the help of our device, they were able to track the functioning of their sump pump.

One of our beta testers, Chris Parson, had the device installed and according to his feedback, was particularly impressed with the data acquired by Impluvium.

The graph above was recorded from Chris’ drainage system during a rainy day.

It shows how the device has recorded an increase in the frequency of the draining cycle (as shown in the white graph.) It also shows the increase in incoming water into the sump basin (as shown in the blue graph.)

Based on the data captured, Chris also realized the importance of installing a battery backup sump pump to protect his basement if a power outage or a pump failure occurs.

In his situation, a power outage that lasts as little as 15 minutes could lead to flooding, which could cause further unexpected and significant harm to the entire basement.

A high-quality sump pump may be very silent when functioning. Therefore, it is challenging to identify a draining cycle by merely listening.

It is better to get accurate data as to how often it runs rather than assuming incorrectly.

Our product, Impluvium, efficiently, and accurately provides you with the necessary data.

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